Public Service and Public Savings

As an auditor with the North Dakota Department of Agriculture and the Public Service Commission, Patrick works with family farmers, industry leaders, and government officials to develop new auditing practices and repair old ones.  His work brought new efficiencies to North Dakota that saved taxpayer money and state employee time.  As state auditor Patrick will bring dedication to public services and savings. 

Transparency and Accountability

North Dakota's government is moving further and further away from the people who elect it.  As a small business owner and contractor Patrick knows the value of every dollar spent and each tax dollar sent by the customer or constituent.  That's why as auditor, he will dedicate his office to transparency and accountability, not only for the agencies and local government he audits, but within his own department.  

Fairness and Integrity

As an auditor  with the the Department of Agriculture, Patrick worked with family farmers, industry experts, and government officials.  Their politics didn't matter, and neither did his.  He fairly applied the law and built relationships, so that when infractions or irregularities arose, they could get to the root of the problem.  Patrick identifies with Dem-NPL values, but will never put partisan politics or personal interest ahead of the public.  


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